Tri-Activ All-in-One Dishwasher Tablet by Piramal I 30 Units

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Short Description

Tri-Activ All-in-One dishwasher tablets by Piramal are formulated with activate enzymes that cleans residue on utensils used for Indian style of cooking. Tri-Activ All-in-One dishwasher tablets does the job of Detergent + Rinse-Aid + Salt which makes your life hassle free from use of 3 different products. The efficient cleaning technology removes tough grime and grease with no surface damage. The dishwasher tablets is formulated to remove tough Indian grease and stains. It aids in removing toughest of stains, such as those of Burnt milk, tea, coffee, masala, turmeric, oil, ghee and dried food stains. Besides, it cleans so well that there is no need for pre-washing or pre rinse the utensils. It gives your utensils a spot-free sparkling shine. The product has no added phosphates and is kinder to environment. There is no added alcohol to this product. This dishwasher tablet is compatible with all dishwashers.

Bullet Points

Efficient cleaning - Formulated to remove tough Indian grease and stains with no surface damage
Active Enzymes - cleans residue on utensils used for Indian style of cooking
Spot-free sparkling shine
Removes toughest of stains such as those of Burnt milk, tea, coffee, masala, turmeric, oil, ghee and dried food stains.
It can be used for all types of utensils, such as steel, glass, plastic and ceramic
Compatible with all dishwashers

Directions for use

Step 1 : Scrape off excess food residue or dried-up food from the dishes.
Step 2 : Load the dishes correctly in the dishwasher.
Step 3 : Unwrap 1 tablet from its protective wrapper and place it in the detergent dispenser of your dishwasher.
Step 4 : Select appropriate wash cycle as per the dishwasher manual.

Safety Warning

· Keep out of reach of children. Harmful if swallowed.
· If swallowed, induce vomiting and seek medical aid.
· In case of contact with eyes, immediately rinse eyes with water and seek medical aid.
· In Hard water areas, continue using additional salt for water softening.
· Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to check which crockery is dishwasher safe.
· Store away from heat and moisture.

Manufactured By: Jainico Metacoat Industries India Pvt. Ltd. 66-67, Kamla Amrut Industrial Park, At Indrad, TA Kadi, Dist. Mehsana (Gujarat), Pin – 382715, India.
Marketed By: Piramal Pharma Ltd
Country of Origin: India
Best Before: 24 Months from the Manufacturing date

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