Little's Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector - Blue

Little's Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector - Blue

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Little's Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector - Blue

Little's Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector - Blue

₹199.00 ₹149.00

Little's Easy Dry Cotton Bed Protector - Blue

₹199.00 ₹149.00
Size: Small

Product Specification

Material_feature ‎Waterproof
Closure Type Pull On
item weight 140 Grams
colour Blue
brands Little’s Expert Baby Care Since 1980

Little's bedtime products are designed keeping in mind the gentle care and tender love of a mother. To get your baby sleeping like one, Little’s blends loving care with the expert knowledge of baby-care products and the latest in production technology to make its products. Little’s Bed Products ensure that your baby gets a sound sleep and you get the peace of mind you deserve.

Your baby needs a comfy bed to sleep in. However, bed wetting is common among newborns. A damp or wet bed not only causes discomfort, disturbing your little one’s peaceful slumber, it is also very unhygienic. An uncomfortable bed interrupts your baby’s beautiful dreams of rainbows and unicorns. That’s where Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector steps in. With a smart design, the use of high-quality materials that ensure hygiene, and the latest in production technology, Little’s ensures your baby’s dreams remain undisturbed. The bed protector quickly absorbs moisture and wetness and dries equally quickly.

As much as you love your little bundle of joy, that quickly growing pile of soiled bedding is sure to get your spirits down. Keep the love high and the laundry basket contents low with Little’s Easy Dry Bed Protector. It protects the mattress from all the stains that your little one’s untrained bladder is going to create. That’s more comfort for your child and less laundry for you. It’s a win-win!

Your little one is new to the world of potty etiquette and there’s going to be a lot of accidents before those cute little feet make their way to the toilet. Meanwhile, your baby’s bedding is going to be working twice as hard and so are you. Keeping all those extra hours of laundry time in mind, Little’s has made that extra stitch in time to save nine! With its Easy Dry Bed Protector that features stitched borders that prevent spillage, you can rest assured that laundry time isn’t going to get any longer.

Nothing is as stimulating as a colorful room for your kid. You’ve seen to the walls, the crib, the toys, the little pillow, and everything you could possibly think of. Why should the bed protector be any less colorful? Little’s presents its colorful range of Easy Dry Bed Protectors in three pretty colors-Pink, Blue, and Purple. So take your pick, or try them all till your baby smiles.

They grow up fast. And you’re going to need a bigger everything. From the diapers to the baby clothes, you’re baby’s going to grow out of them before you know it. And that’s why Little’s has designed its bed protectors in three varying sizes in preparation for the rapid growth spurt you’re going to be witnessing. The three sizes available are Small, Medium, and Large with dimensions of 50 x 70 cm (S), 70 x 100 cm (M), and 100 x 140 cm (L), respectively.

In the initial few years before your little buddy is properly potty trained, there are going to be a lot of accidents and spills. And every little slip up is going to result in a soiled mattress or bedsheet. To prepare you for this, Little’s has designed its bed protectors to be completely waterproof, so you can place it under your little one just in case of that additional unplanned slip up. This product soaks liquids quickly and effectively.

While you’re busy in the kitchen, catching up with some work, or maybe just grabbing a couple of z’s, your little sweetheart’s going to want to pass a little urine or a quick stool, and you’re not always going to have enough time to change diapers in time every time. That’s why Little’s makes its bed protectors with high absorbency and a quick-dry property. It’s soft, comfy, and completely safe for use, making it the perfect bedtime partner for your snoozing little angel.

No parent wants their child exposed to things that may be harmful to them in any way. Giving your baby the best and safest option is a priority at all times. Little’s has crafted its Easy Dry Bed Protectors keeping these two criteria in mind. The bed protectors are made with advanced material that is both completely breathable and absolutely hygienic for your little one to rest their little head on.