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Early signs that you might need a pregnancy test

by Wellify Developer

Several signs may suggest that you are pregnant. These prenatal symptoms vary from woman to woman. You might experience one or more of these signs and symptoms when you get pregnant. Getting them all at once is unlikely, so don't worry. You shouldn't be concerned either if you don't encounter any of them. It is possible to be pregnant and not be aware of any of these pregnancy symptoms. Whether you experience any of these early pregnancy symptoms or none at all, taking an instant pregnancy test is a way to determine if you are pregnant or not.

A pregnancy test won't indicate positive as soon as a woman becomes pregnant. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a hormone, must be released by the body in sufficient quantities for it to be detected by a test. If you are pregnant, this will be approximately 12–15 days following ovulation. If you are doubtful about whether you are pregnant or not, a pregnancy ovulation kit can help you with that. But you have to perform the test at the right time.

Early Pregnancy Sings


  • Missed Period:

Missed periods may occur for many reasons, but if a person is sexually active, a missed period can indicate pregnancy. When performed after a missed period, most pregnancy tests are accurate. But, sometimes, the hormone levels may not be sufficient to produce a positive result. It will be best to take an instant pregnancy test if you feel anxious or excited about it.


  • Change in Breasts:

Early in pregnancy, breast changes are typical. These are brought on by hormonal adjustments that eventually get the body ready to have babies.


  • Morning Sickness:

Consider taking a pregnancy test if you experience nausea for no apparent reason, especially if there are other suspected pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness does not necessarily happen only in the morning but can occur at any time during the day.


  • Increased cravings for food:

Strange cravings and dietary aversions are frequent in the first trimester, although they can occasionally last the entire pregnancy. Additionally, a woman can discover that she no longer appreciates certain foods or that their senses of taste and smell have gotten more acute.


  • Mood Swings:

Early in their pregnancies, many pregnant women describe feeling "different," with some even realizing they are pregnant before getting a test.

A person may experience distinct feelings due to physiological and hormonal changes in the body during pregnancy. Mood changes, which can start as soon as a few weeks after conception, may potentially be signs that suggest you should take a pregnancy test.

Anyone who thinks they might be pregnant can get an instant pregnancy test kit and test it at home to be sure.


  • Need to use the bathroom more frequently:

Early in pregnancy, bowel and bladder problems can develop. In such a case, the urge to urinate may be frequent during the day and at night. The increase in hCG levels during the early stages of pregnancy increases blood flow to the pelvic region, which increases the need to urinate. You can make use of pregnancy test strips to confirm your doubts.


  • Tiredness:

During the first few weeks of pregnancy, it's likely that you'll feel abnormally exhausted. It might be because of the increase in your body's progesterone levels. It maintains the lining of your womb to support the pregnancy.


  • Cramps:

Although cramps are frequent before or during a period, some people may also have cramps during implantation.

It might be a good idea to take an instant pregnancy test if cramping happens around or before a period is due, but there is no bleeding, or the menstruation is much lighter than usual.

Women trying to conceive should track their menstrual cycle to know the best day to try. If tested at the right time, a pregnancy ovulation kit will be more accurate in providing the Knowing if you are pregnant or not helps you in deciding how you will move forward with your pregnancy. Take an instant pregnancy test if you are unsure of your symptoms.

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