Little's Junior Stacking Multicolour Rings for Babies | Best Brain Development Toys

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Product Features
  • Little's junior ring is an attractive educational toy which helps your baby recognize different colours and sizes while having fun stacking them in order
  • Little's junior ring helps your baby naturally develop concepts of colour, shape and size through fun filled play activity
  • Helps in developing the finger skills of the baby
  • Vibrant colors and attractive designs make this toy, an engaging and informative play tool ; Type: Junior Ring ; Ideal For: Boys and girls

Manufactured By: ‎Prem Ratna Toys, Prem Ratna Toys, Maharashtra 
Marketed By: Piramal Pharma Ltd
Country of Origin: India
Shelf life: NA

Product Specification

material care instructions ‎Handle with Care
included components Plastic
material type ‎Plastic
number of puzzle pieces 6
number of game players 1
educational objective s ‎Colour Recognition
net quantity 1 U
model number 607
item weight ‎250 g
product dimensions 13.5 x 6.3 x 19.5 Centimeters
colour ‎Multicolor
brands Little’s Expert Baby Care Since 1980
age range Infact, Toddler

Little's Range of Toys

That little head is getting smarter by the day, and soon just a couple of soft toys are going to fall short of keeping it occupied. If you’re looking for a way to keep that little head busy and entertained while you catch up on some of your homework, Little's brings you multiple solutions with its wide range of toys! The toys are not only suitable for playtime they help junior learn!

Let them Learn While Playing

Now that your baby’s getting bigger, start off with some mental stimulation. A great way to do this would be with little’s bunch of educational toys. These toys are designed to aid with your kid's overall development. They help improve cognitive skills, motor skills, and sensory awareness and are a great way to groom your little tot for preschool. So, let your little one learn while he plays with the safest and most fun set of toys.

The Smartest Choice for your Child

All parents want to give their children the best chance at success and development. And in this competitive world, it’s never too early to start equipping your child with the right skills. Little’s toys are designed with the smartest system. Smartest toys are skill-based toys that improve sight, motor, auditory, reasoning, talking, emotional, social, and thinking creative skills. So when you pick a Little’s toy for your baby, you’re making the smartest choice.

Help Hone their Skills

All parents want to give their kids an early start to the learning process. Give your little tot that leg up with Little’s junior rings. This toy is specifically targeted at the development of the motor and reasoning skills. It also introduces your child to and helps him recognize color, shape, and size. As your child learns to stack the rings, one over the other from biggest to smallest, they will begin to understand the difference in size. The bright colors will keep them intrigued and verbal aid can help them remember the names. Whatever your child sees or hears at this age, they learn, so fill their lives with colorful toys that encourage cognitive development.

Develop Motor skills

You want your little one to start walking and using their sippy cup; you want them to wave to dad and blow you a kiss; but to get there, you need take some steps of your own and help develop their motor skills. And what better way to do that than Little’s junior rings. This toy has five rings that are stacked on a post in order of the largest to the smallest from bottom to top. Your child will spend a ton of time stacking and unstacking these, thereby improving his motor skills.

Polish those Finger Skills

Want to get your little one ready to hold the sippy cup on their own? Start with helping them to develop their finger skills, or all you’re going to be doing is cleaning up a lot of spills. Little’s junior rings have been designed to help your child in developing the finger skills. So, they can grip tighter and more accurately. Get them started today!

Safe for your Little Learner

The things you keep around your child are somehow going to end up in their mouth. Be it the teddy bear, the ball, or even the baby monitor, the little one is going to taste it or touch it. The first priority for every parent is keeping their precious little one away from anything that may harm them. Little’s Junior Rings are made using non-toxic materials and are safe to be around your child

Colour Up Playtime

When babies cry, one of the methods parents use to distract them is dangling a colorful object in front of their eyes. Nothing draws the attention of a child like the presence of colorful objects. The bright colors of Little’s junior rings offer visual stimulation and, of course, your little one’s going to love them! They are attractive to play with and will help your baby find and discover the difference between colors, themes, shapes, and more.

Start at 6 months

At every stage of your child’s growth and development, they are learning; and at every step, they have your hand to hold them and gently guide them in the right direction. At around 6 months of age, your child is ready to start developing some of their cognitive and motor skills. And that’s why Little’s gives you just the toy to help you help your baby start learning. Junior Rings are designed to help engage and develop these skills and are suitable for babies 6 months and above.

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